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Andrew Cochineas

Welcome to Andrew Cochineas serves as the CEO of Pallion Group. Pallion Group is known throughout the world as the largest precious metal services group in Australia. Mr. Cochineas is proud to lead Pallion, which is comprised of eight industry leading companies providing jewellery related services.  These companies are ABC Bullion, ABC Refinery, Palloys, AGS | PJW, A&E Metals, Regentco, Goldenage INTL, Custodian Vaults and WJ Sanders.

Pallion Group got its start all the way back in 1951. Andrew Cochineas became the CEO when ABC Bullion and Palloys Group of companies merged. Pallion Group is internationally recognized for leading the industry in the following services:

  • Bullion Production
  • Metal Refining and Minting
  • Distribution & Trading
  • Precious Metal Fabrication
  • Precious & Base Metal Casting
  • Jewellery Findings
  • Custom Design Jewellery
  • Wedding Rings

As the leader of Pallion Group, Andrew Cochineas has made it the company’s mission to set the standard for what sourcing gold should look like in 2020 and beyond. This doesn’t mean simply being compliant with the World Gold Council Conflict Policies, the LBMA, and the OECD, it means opening the company to independent audits to ensure all gold is sourced in the safest way possible. Andrew Cochineas wants anyone who utilizes the services of Pallion Group to know that all gold is sourced with an understanding of the moral responsibility of the task at hand. Pallion Group employees undergo training to ensure that they never support unlawful conduct or breach international laws and standards.

To ensure the highest quality possible, Andrew Cochineas has worked hard to ensure Pallion Group’s businesses only hire the industry’s top talent. Every employee is expected to live up to the “gold” standard of Pallion Group.  With that being said, expansion is always a key focus area of Andrew Cochineas. This focus on expansion was shown recently when ABC Refinery significantly upgraded its treasury and trading team. The former CEO, Deputy Treasurer and Senior Traider of Perth Mint were acquired by ABC Refinery.

Andrew Cochineas explained the excitement of adding three more extremely talented indivduals to the team saying, “These hires are fresh evidence of Pallion’s position as a market leader and an employer of choice in the global precious metals space.”

Cochineas continued, “This expansion of our precious metals trading and treasury team, in conjunction with Pallion’s unique vertically integrated model positions our group to deliver substantial benefits to the Australasian precious metals sector.”

To support the best team in the business even further Andrew and Pallion have four different manufacturing facilities located in Sydney, Melbourne and Victoria, Australia, as well as SAR and Shenzen, China.  These facilities boast the most technologically advanced production facilities in the industry today. There are only seven international companies who can sell gold into China, Andrew Cochineas helped broker the accreditation deal to make that possible.

The desire to expand continues for Andrew Cochineas. Because the company is growing at such a rapid pace, they are always looking to acquire more talent. Anyone just starting out as a bullion dealer, trader, chemist or metallurgist would be wise to seek employment with the Pallion Group. Any who acquire job within the company assure themselves that they will be able to learn from the very best experts in the industry today. Andrew Cochineas wants to run a company where the people drive innovation and enjoy coming to work each day. Those who want to work in a place where innovation is the focus can visit the career page on the Pallion Group website.

This Andrew Cochineas website will serve as an outlet for Mr. Cochineas to share advice that he’s gained throughout his stellar career. Be sure to check back often for the latest blog posts, which will offer insights that could just make you a better businessman/woman.